Specialist wedding dress cleaning service for your big day

A wedding dress will without doubt be one of the most treasured items of clothing ever worn by the bride, and after such a whirlwind of a day it would hardly be surprising to see that perhaps the dress isn’t in such a pristine condition as when it was first put on.
Your wedding dress represents a substantial emotional and financial investment. Whether you intend keeping or selling your dress, once the “Big Day” is over you will naturally want to protect your investment.

We specialise in wedding dress cleaning no matter how dirty or discoloured your gown may be, we will achieve the best possible result, consistent with what the fabric can bear.

We understand how special your wedding gown is – that is why we clean wedding gowns using a specialist process. We will inspect the dress inch by inch looking for stains and where necessary treat the areas in advance of cleaning. We use a wide array of specialised processes which help to clean while retaining fabric texture and protecting beading and other decorations.

After cleaning you will have the option of having your wedding dress packaged in one of our beautiful boxes which has a safe Ph. Neutral environment.  The wedding dress can then be carefully finished with acid free tissue paper folded into the layers and a bust former can be used to maintain the shape of the bodice.

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