The Handbag Spa is the only global handbag cleaning and repair service for luxury brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Dior, Hermes and many more. Their repair services range from a simple cleanse and hydration treatment through to full colour restoration, top coat refinishing and metal polishing.

You can choose from a range of Treatment Packages to suit your needs:

1. The Marbella

A simple exterior cleansing treatment and stain removal followed by a thorough deep hydration to keep the leather supple. An interior vacuum, fabric clean and freshen.

2. The Monaco

This includes all the Marbella treatments plus degreasing, repair to small scuffs and minor colour touch up and minor dye transfer removal.

3. The Milan

This includes all Monaco treatments plus a full exterior re-colour and re-finish with a metal polish.

We are approved agents for The Handbag Spa so if you require any of these services then please bring your bag to Elite Drycleaners. For more information visit

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